Kushpal Singh Batch of 2008

ED: Which was your batch year?

KS: 2008

ED: What are you doing nowadays?

KS: I work for Shell India and I'm heading the National Supply Chain.

ED: What do you remember of your days at School and how this helped you in life?

KS: To me, The FabIndia School is much more than a school, it’s like a potter’s wheel that moulds the entire future. Coming into FabIndia from the rural part of the region with a plethora of learning differences, FabIndia has been my succour academically, and truly helped me better understand myself and my capabilities. From the start, it has given me the confidence which I perpetuate while walking abreast with the pace of the world.

I still hold true to the tenets provided under the school tree. The teachers believed in me, allowing me to believe in myself. From academics to social skills, I have learned to adapt in the real world and succeed via the global exposure school has provided in its Sui generis. 

The point of my career and where I stand right now is because of the decisions I have made and paths I have chosen, which would not have been possible without the teachings of FabIndia as it let me hone the skill to acknowledge what’s wrong and what’s right for me. 

FabIndia school for me is still the niche of a juxtaposition of academics and extracurricular activities, where dreams of students like me could be made tangible.

ED= Editor & KS= Khuspal Singh

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