Shinu Philip Batch of 2001-15

Class XII 2014-15
MBBS at International School Of Medicine ISM, Bishkek Kyrgyz Republic, USSR

I was an active cricket player and also a football player. 

I am proud to be a Fabindian for it was the School that helped me form my foundation. I still remember those days when I was in school and I used to do mischief. and not pay attention to studies. 

The most happiest moment of my life was when I received the Trophy of Excellence in Sport. 

I would urge my juniors to focus on their studies as well as other activities and not to take studies lightly. The importance of studies I realize now, so work hard and achieve success.

Shinu Philip
Batch Year 2001-2015 The Fabindia School


  1. Are you the one whose mother was a nurse at Bali hospital and your father used to visit the school regularly?

  2. Yes Sir he is the same one whose mother is a nurse at Bali


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