3 Fabindians are Chartered Accountants in one go!


I am Prasann Vaishnav, a Fabindian who have just cleared CA Final exams. For me, the journey to success was more important than success. Accomplishing this degree was not very easy. But all thanks to my parents, teachers and school who gave me that foundation which I guess every student need to do good in life.

Well, it all started with my Business Studies teacher (Sukanya Ma'am) who encouraged me to choose this profession and pursue it. Further, when I came to Mumbai I realized that the world around me was very outspoken, confident and competitive to live in, there I always used to remember Ruchika Ma'am And Parineeta Ma'am who made sure to inculcate skills to be comfortable and confident in such environment. Further, this course also gives us practical world exposure by making us do 3 years of articles. Further by the time, I completed my CA I have explored many cities like Jodhpur, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai which added to my experience of various cultures and people. 
  • During this journey yes, I failed and I have learnt a lot from those failures. Managing stress and being patient and observant is one amongst the various traits this course has left with me.  
  • Chartered Accountant is a small community having only 3,00,000 (approx.) members and being a part of this community is something I'll cherish in my entire life.

  • 'Chartered Accountant'- A profession I chose for myself to study for, six years ago. Back then I obviously did not know how the journey would look like but I did know how the prefix CA to my name would feel like. It took more than I ever thought it would. From those sleepless nights to overworked days, to running to classes back to back without any breaks to breaking down one morning because you can't just take it anymore! There were days when motivation was at its peak and then there were weeks altogether when motivation was nothing more than a word!

    It was in 2015-16, during my article-ship in Mumbai that I met with an accident and was bedridden for 6 months altogether. I was told to quit and look after my health, but the thought of quitting was enough for me to get back on my feet as soon as possible and get going. I couldn't get out of my head the vision of becoming a CA and the feeling that it'd bring along to my family and me and I guess that's what kept me going day after day. 

    This journey has taught me more life lessons than any book ever will. I learnt that hard work, never giving up, patience, perseverance is not just words but something that is deep-rooted in every single CA student. It taught me that there's more to learn from failure than success. It taught me how important and life-changing is- taking responsibility for what went wrong and why. It taught me how a lot of patience, a little confidence, a little shift in emotions can help achieve the impossible!

    I did finally earn the prefix to my name but it is the result of thirteen years of what I learnt at Fabindia, a few- 'Fail' flashing on the result card later in life, to get where I am today and I couldn't be more grateful.

  • ‘Chartered accountant’ A word with talent, technique and temperament!!
    13/08/2019  is when these two precious letters have been added to my name officially "CA" after a battle of 4 years. It began in 2015, immediately after my 12th exams and I went to Mumbai for Stage 1 (CPT) and cleared the same in JULY 2015. Further, cleared IPCC in MAY 2016 and started with a real-world battle of article-ship from BIG 4(ERNST AND YOUNG) in Ahmadabad.

    Later I shifted to Mumbai again and continued my article-ship there. This phase was the real crux of this course which led me into the temptation and patience to win ahead even after heavy nights and tough challenges. From early morning classes to late sitting in the office, not a single day was simple. 

    There was no weekend or Sundays in the calendar for us. It has taken immense discipline, hard work and patience. I appeared for my CA FINALS in May 2019 and cleared the same in first attempt in AUG 2019.

    There cannot be a bigger achievement than to make my family proud as I am the first chartered accountant in my family and I have completed my father's dream at the age of 21.

    21 and a CA, its a feeling above everything, to achieve this goal to clear all in the first attempt. But at the end, the prefix added to my name and I am CA KHUSHBOO PUNMIYA now.

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