Ajaydeep Deora, Batch 2008-09

One fine day, about two decades ago, a four or a five-year-old girl, hopped onto her father's scooter with a younger cousin brother, all excited to get out of town and reach a new destination. Dressed in a two-piece green checkered co-ord set (a 90's thing) which her mother had made, she looked radiant and full of spirits. She seemed ready, ready for a journey, ready to go out there, ready to explore, ready to find out who she was. Since that very day, my heart has known and loved this gem of a place called ‘The Fabindia School’. It was a wonderland, although very young, just like me. It is crazy how I still remember my first day at this place so clearly like it happened yesterday. Colouring was the first activity I took up after entering the school. I don't think I could've asked for a better start to my school journey. For the next ten years, this place helped me fill colours into my life.

With an elder brother already studying in Fabindia, it was a no-brainer for my parents to choose this school yet again for their daughter. Back then, ‘The Fabindia School’ was the name in every household who wanted its children to go to an English medium school. 

My name is Ajaydeep Deora and I am currently working as an Academic Associate (Business Policy Area) at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. I am attempting to pen down my journey of ten long years at ‘The Fabindia School’ and forgive me for being all over the place with this write-up. I have got too much to share.

This place has made me a kind and positive individual. It laid the foundations for all that I know and for the person that I have grown into. The moral value lessons by Pinky Ma'am, who all the students very fondly called Pinky Didi, helped me imbibe the necessary fundamental virtues early on. The Social Studies classes with Jayita Ma'am were beyond the textbooks. She touched hearts with her unconditional love and care and made every student feel special. All those Creative Writing classes encouraged me to write even more. Those innumerable visits to our very own jungle brought all the students closer to Nature. My love for music also found its inception at this place and I am thankful that it did. It has stayed with me ever since my first singing performance when I was in Class 4. Being a part of the school choir is one of my most priceless remembrances. For a student like me who would participate in every event, the breakthrough moment occurred when I was selected for one of the lead roles in a play which was put together as a part of the Annual Day Celebrations. The play was based on a 1956 American musical film named, "The King and I". During the rehearsals, our Principal Ma'am, Mrs. Parineeta Ranpal and her daughter Ms. Ruchika Ranpal, made me feel like a part of theiir family and I am still grateful to them for trusting me with the character of Anna Leonowens. I cannot thank them enough for always pushing me to do better and for all the love they bestowed upon me. Much to my surprise, this play also brought about a slight change in my father's perception of co-curricular activities, be it theatrics or music. His colleagues who had attended the Annual Day congratulated him on finding out that it was his daughter on the stage. I like to believe it made him happy. With everything that this place had blessed me with, the major 'milestone' moment was to be elected as the Head Girl of the school in Class 10. It was overwhelming to see that a large majority of students voted for me. That feeling was indescribable.

Among many such countless memories, this place gave me a feeling which told me that I was cut out for bigger things in life. I am never to settle for less and keep aspiring for more. It made me realize how important it is to be happy. Success, or no success, it is okay to take a little break and focus on being happy and start over when you're ready, it is okay to speak your heart out and it is okay to fail- were few of the learnings which got me through some difficult times.

When I moved to Ajmer for my +2, I did not have to try hard to fit in. Being from a small town, I was kind of expecting otherwise. I owe everything to ‘The Fabindia School’ for laying strong foundations for me to grow upon.

The year 2009 was when I had to leave this home and set out on a new journey. I have been finding ways to visit back ever since. Although a lot has changed, I find contentment on the sights of those old classrooms with blue furniture and yellow doors, those familiar corridors, that red nursery hut, the colourful swings and that 'signature' bench under the big tree, every time I visit. I am honoured to be sharing this journey with all those who have had the chance of creating their own beautiful stories in this special place. I always say that this school is one of the best things to ever happen to me. I was fortunate enough to be a part of this huge family known as 'The Fabindians'.

1. B.A Economics from Fergusson College, Pune (2011-2014)
2. M.A. Economics from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat (2014-2016)


  1. Great story Ajaydeep, you are a true Fabindian! Hope to hear more from you.

  2. A hearty touching expressions by an internal thinking student. These types of expressions represent the culture of the school.


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