Darshan Rajpurohit Batch 2013-14

The Fabindia School: 2013-14
PGIVER (Post Graduate Institute of Veterinary Education & Research), Jaipur: 2nd Year Student

FABINDIA- From where my dreams started taking shape!
"The scores in the report card do not matter as much as the knowledge you carry within and the thoughts that you think!"

Like every other kid back in school, I also had a dream of becoming a doctor when I grow up. As much as it was a dream it was also my decision that I'd taken for myself. Whenever we were asked about what we want to be when we grow up, what are our aims and goals, "DOCTOR" was always my answer.

I joined the Fabindia school when I was in 5th standard. It was the year 2008. Fabindia has always been known as one of the best schools around. I still remember, my first class teacher was Mrs Prerna Rathod ma'am. She was and still is an excellent teacher.

I was not some brilliant student who'd always score perfect marks in exams, but one thing that was clear to me was- my vision to become a doctor someday. I cleared Class 10 examination with 8.0 CGPA. My next destination was Jaipur. I wanted to take up Science as my subject but seeing my Class 10th score I got rejected at almost all the schools I'd applied to. It was disheartening but I couldn't just give up on my lifelong dream of becoming a Doctor. Finally, one of the schools accepted my application and here I was a Class 11- Science student. The year ended and I scored just 61% in the finals. Even though I was promoted to Class 12th, I wasn't satisfied.

I promised myself to work harder than ever this year and give my best shot, the result was I scored 84.8% in 12th boards with 95 marks in Biology! That is when I was interviewed by Time Of India for their students' blog on- 'How to score good marks in board exams!' Looking back there's one thing now I know for sure- Where there's a will, there is a way!

The dream of becoming a doctor seemed one step closer but there still was a long long way to go. I appeared for NEET UG examination for 3 times before clearing it with 14899th All-India-rank out of 14 lac students and also secured 36th rank in RPVT( exam for veterinary doctors in Rajasthan) and that's how I got admitted to PGIVER, Jaipur.

Our childhood shapes us and that's what Fabindia, its teachers, the environment did for me.It helped me improve my leadership skills and shaped my ability to think and analyse. The extra-curricular activities helped me shape my personality & learn new things. The teachers always helped me boost my confidence and encouraged me to participate in all activities at school.

I am presently pursuing 2nd year of college and a few years from now will be called 'Dr. Darshan Rajpurohit' and so, I strongly believe- Hard work and patience are very necessary to achieve your goal!

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  1. Nice words ... Keep up the good work,Darshan.
    Best of luck.


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