Aditya Kansara Batch 2014-15

The Fabindia School 2014-2015
Nobel  Public School 2015-17
Pursuing B.Tech

Fabindia - The Ladder to Success
"The school has given me everything I hold,
In all the ways that I could recall,
With the beautiful moments, I had
Shaped into who I am in its mould."

I remember many times my teachers guided me for the right path, It was all just for a better start. Most importantly, the reason for the versatility I possess is maybe because of this school; and which will surely help in my career.

All the classes were good in their own ways especially Science and English. They were always intriguing.

As for the School, there's nothing anything less beautiful than just the location and the environment that is present here. It's one of the most vibrant and naturally rich places with the touch of wonder.  I recall those days, when we used to have prayers, I recall the plays when joy was in the air.

My favourite spot in the school was "A tree somewhere in the vicinity of the old blocks, 
The tree that stood every time for us. I remember, our friends used to eat lunch right under it, feeling the cold breeze of joy. Plus, of course, the playground; it was more like an attraction, a craving.

Participating in the exhibitions was exciting and the working behind it was the fun part.
One of the most exotic moments was when I played a lead role in the annual function.
Football is my passion, I was on the go, ever ready. 

Be it the quizzes, the Olympiads or being the *Editor of the School's Weekly Magazine*, it's been truly amazing.

I would like to give a message to the students that you students are going through the best days of your life, and if you don't consider it that way, then you must so. These ain't coming back. You are the luckiest people have been able to get a chance to study and explore in The Fabindia School.

It's always more than just a school.

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