Khushi Rao Batch of 2015-16

The Fabindia School  2015-16
AIS Jaipur 2017-18
Pursuing B.Sc B.Ed 2018 -Till date

Fabindia...This is not just a school, but a home with so many beautiful memories. Fabindia has shaped me into the person I am today. I was 11 years old when I took admission in Fabindia. I am a confident girl from the very beginning. I had a lot of hidden talents and Fabindia provided me with the platform to show my talents whether it is dancing, singing, debating, painting and many more. 

I used to participate in all the competitions taking place in school. It was a red-letter day of my life when I got the award of 'Most talented student of the year'. I visited  MGD Girls School, Jaipur for Student Exchange Program. The program had impacted me greatly, as I was exposed to new things and something which was out of my comfort zone. My exchange was a huge success for me.

I had my life-changing experience at IIMUN which was held at Heritage girls school, Udaipur.  The last 2 years of the school were the most interesting and experiencing as I was designated as the Joint Secretary and the Vice-Captain of the Gandhi House next year and Editor of the School Weekly. It was an opportunity to identify my leadership qualities.  I am extremely grateful to the whole family of Fabindia who helped me in many ways, academically and socially. My Good School Program is helping students to improve their skills in Sport, Study and  Service. This school not only creates good students but good and responsible citizens too. The learning has been found very fruitful in every field of my life. The qualities and lessons I learnt there will serve me well for the rest of my life. I'm glad that I got the best experiences as well as lessons from this school i.e. My Fabindia School.

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