Mehak Singhal Batch of 2004-2008

Completed IV from The Fabindia School.
Further studies completed from Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls’ Public School, Jodhpur.
Currently, I am pursuing Final year in Arts.
It is very hard to recall the olden memories of The Fabindia School for a child like me who has not been a part of the Fabindia Family for a longer period of time but still when I start looking deeper and deeper in my heart a golden beam of memories start flashing brighter and then this child gets into her childhood with colourful pictures.

I still remember when I used to be in The Fabindia School I used to giggle a lot with my friends upon every small little thing too. Those memories of ladoo distributions on Independence day and those long-lasting games lessons are the most visible memories of mine. Though I have not been there for a longer period of time still I have glorified the true beauty of learning. 

I have acknowledged that learning is possible at every place because life itself is a journey of learning with that one of the most beautiful things which I have examined is that “The Fabindia School is a Global platform to interact” because when used to be a part of the school, at that time a lot of foreigners used to visit the school which gave us a great opportunity to interact with other people.  

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