Hema Choudhary Batch of 2005-2015

The Fabindia School: 2005-15
Mohanlal Suhadia university, Udaipur: B.Sc. BioTech. Final Year

I participated in many activities which mostly included sports activities like basketball, football, etc. Other than that I used to participate in activities like extempore competitions, singing competitions, dance competitions., etc. 

In school, my favourite spot was the area behind the classrooms and the basketball court.

In my memories I remember each and every precious moment spent in The Fabindia School may it be with my friends, teachers, etc. I have learnt a lot from The Fabindia School, I think however I have developed as a student or a person it is just because of The Fabindia School. I thank all my teachers who encouraged me to take part in activities which developed my speaking skills as well as my presentation skills.

I would like to share the message with my juniors that you should enjoy every beat of the School life because it is the most precious time of our lives. As you see the college life in the movies it is never like it so, enjoy the present moment don’t waste it for the future. 

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