Anjali Nair Batch of 2002-2013

The Fabindia School 2002-2013
Class XII  2012-13 The Fabindia School
B.Com. Honors in Economics 2013-15 Aishwarya College of Education, Jaipur

I have very amazing memories with my friends in school. All the notorious things we did and scolding that we used to get from principal ma’am. We enjoyed a lot in school.

I learnt all the basic things which are needed to grow like manners, ethics confidence, etc. from the school

I would like to give the message to my juniors that enjoy the lessons you have in school because you cannot have it back. And work hard because whatever you learn here will be of use for your whole life.

Current Job
I am currently with Infosys, Jaipur

Anjali Nair
Batch 2002-2013

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