Honesty and Respect - Richa Solanki

Honesty is more of something that is within yourself. You can be honest yet not be respected as you may say things bluntly or not always be politically correct.

Respect: You could be well respected due to certain achievements or authority, but that doesn't mean you are always honest. Respect is given by others seeing and judging your actions. Respect is an important part of every individual. Because if you don't have respect for yourself, you can't give respect to others.

So, I believe everyone can earn respect if they reciprocate it honestly. We should know that honesty makes us feel so much more comfortable as a person. Give your students responsibilities and trust that they will complete the tasks you set for them. 

As we are working in such a versatile profession, we need to maintain an environment of respect and honesty. We are working in such a profession that we must maintain an environment of respect and honesty not only with our peers but also with our students and make them understand by giving them our trust. 

If you find out that a student hasn't completed his/her task, don't leap in and do it for them. When you do this, you show them you don't trust their ability to complete the tasks. Instead, be patient and give them some time. 

Classroom jobs are a great way to give young students responsibility. For older students, being more involved in projects like planning and organizing a field day or class party will show them that you trust them to do the necessary work. 

If I had to pick one value among these two, I would choose honesty. This way, I know what's inside my heart. I will know that I have done no harm or deception. I can die peacefully :) 

These three values are interconnected: Respect, Honesty and Trust. If you respect someone, you will be honest with them; they will respect and trust you too. 

Richa Solanki 

The Fabindia School, Bali, Rajasthan


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