Aishwarya Singh Ranawat Batch 2005-06

The Fabindia School: 2005-06
International College for Girls(ICG), Jaipur: BA(Hons)
Jitendra Chauhan College of Law, Mumbai: LLB
Presently practising Law in Bombay High Court.

Fabindia- My Alma mater. A school which is an epitome of the pluperfect. 

This school has given me gazillion memories which I'll cherish throughout my lifetime. I have never seen a school like this before. The place gave me my first friends. My experience in school was incredible. No one in the entire school was ever unknown to each other, everyone was like one big family who studied together, ate together, played together. No matter whether senior or junior we would have our lunch with everyone in the school playground under the shed of a tree and not in the classroom.

 Whenever I share my school experience with friends that I made at a later stage in life, they are amused and kind of jealous as to why did they didn't study in such a school. 
The school gave the opportunity to everyone to excel in fields of their choice.

There were so many activities besides studies like pottery, dramatics, music, dance, sports for the students to engage in. Every day was a new day to get out there and learn something new and fresh. We were as carefree and chirpy as a bird in the blue sky. 

The teachers not only gave us lessons of the books but life lessons too. They taught us to be kind and compassionate towards every living creature. Fabindia was and still feels like a home away from home set amidst nature.

Once you enter the school premises, it feels like you are in a totally different world. The school has a forest of its own and that's the best thing. There were days when we were taken to the jungle to explore and let me tell you that feeling is second to none. You will not find any other school as close to nature as this is.

The school helped me become a better version of myself and taught me not to run in the rat race. The teachers were assiduous and were always ready to help whether in academics or anything else. We were never forced to mug up books and pay attention solely to what the report card looks like. Instead, we were taught how to work in teams, how to become a better human, how to live with nature and appreciate it.

I am grateful and really proud to be a part of this prestigious institution. Whatever I am today is because of the values and lessons given by my parents and Fabindia.

Once a Fabindian always a Fabindian.

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