Shaily Jain Batch 2012-13

The Fabindia School: 1999-2013
Loomis Chaffee, USA: 2011-2012
JNVU, Jodhpur: 2013-2016, Bcom
ICAI: 2013-2019, Chartered Accountancy

I was two and a half years old when I started my schooling at Fabindia. Those 13 years taught me lessons that no book ever can. From a shy little girl, it made me into who I'm today. The experiences that the school gave me includes trekking expeditions, moulding the clay in the hut into beautiful toys and shapes without worrying about getting dirty. Fabindia gave me an early chance to become a leader when I was the Vice-Captain of my house and also class prefect. Never ever were we forced to be limited to just the books, we have painted the walls with graffiti, we worked on rainwater harvesting project and plantation too.

I also represented the school and the country as an exchange student at Loomis Chaffee School in the USA. That experience transformed me into a confident girl who was now ready to get out there and establish herself. Once we were asked to give a presentation about India, highlighting the culture, the people, the places, the entire auditorium gave us a standing ovation and our eyes were filled with tears, happy tears and goosebumps while the National Anthem was playing! Those 6 months, gave me a handful of lifetime friends, beautiful host families who were so warm and welcoming. I got to study subjects like Development Psychology and Religion and writing research papers and of-course, memories of a lifetime!

I realized that I was interested in writing and designing when the school newsletter I designed for my group got selected to be published for the entire school. I remember, we used to have creative writing sessions where we were asked to write stories, what another way can be any better to open up a kids level of imagination and vision? To add to it, we had our own class newspaper designed by the kids back in class 5. Now, how cool is that?

The first thought that comes to the mind on thinking about the teachers is normally someone straight and strict and very formal but this was not the case for us. Each one of the teachers at Fabindia were friends in the form of mentors. They did scold us time and again, but yes we knew we can count on them, always. From the Principal to the teachers and all those who worked at the school, everyone always felt like one big family. I can definitely go on and on about what Fabindia is but let me just sum up here.

Scored 83.8% in 12th Grade; Have a high school diploma from Loomis Chafee; Graduated from JNV University; have a personal blog where I share my experiences, opinions, poems,; Did my article-ship from Mumbai and Ahmadabad, and am a Chartered Accountant now!
- CA Shaily Jain

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